PCL Equipment & Tech Support

Need equipment or a place to work? Fill out this form! 

The Plangere Culture Lab provides multimedia composition students with free equipment rentals of cameras, microphones, tripods, and laptops for their project needs. If you don't have the recording technology necessary to finish your audio/video assignments, the PCL will rent you equipment to use at no charge. Simply fill out the form below and our Administrative Assistant will confirm your request and schedule your pick-up and drop-off times.

Plangere Culture Lab Equipment Rental Form

Need tech support? Get in touch with our staff! 

As you navigate the Digital Composition world from the comfort of your home, you may come into contact with some technical issues. While the infamous Google search may have the answers to your questions, things still may fall apart! This Tech Support form is for those who have tried everything they could find online and still can't get something to work. Please fill out this form to the best of your ability and provide as many details of your problem as possible, and the Plangere Culture Lab administrative assistant Christopher Wolfe will do everything in his power to help you out!

Please give the staff 24 hours before following up with tech support requests. All requests will be archived for future analysis. The administrative assistant may contact you to further correspond with you about your tech issues if need be.

Plangere Culture Lab Technical Support Form

Computers Afflicted with Blue Screens of Death