Be part of the conversation! Get candid access to working writers from all over the world  as Writers House instructor (and former bookstore owner) Alex Dawson talks craft (via video chat) with some of the year's hottest pen pushers.  View video compilation of recent Inside the Writers House events here:

R U scared? U should be! The Rutgers Writers House has never been more haunted! Inside the Writers House presents 13 DAYS OF HORROR! featuring house visits with: Rachel Williams (Black Sheep), Josh Malerman (Birdbox, Spin a Black Yarn), Jonathan Mayberry (V Wars), John Langan (The Fisherman), Trevor Henderson (Scarewaves, Sirenhead), Elizabeth Hand (A Haunting on the Hill), Gus Moreno (This Thing Between Us), Gabino Iglesias (The Devil Takes Us), Tom Holland (writer/director, Fright Night, Childsplay), Chuck Wendig (Black River Orchard), Sam Rebelein (Edenville),Grady Hendrix (How to Sell a Haunted House), Eric LaRocca (Everything the Darkness Eats), Alex Grecian (Red Rabbit), and Stephen Graham Jones (Don't Fear the Reaper).

"Inside the Writers House" invites you into the homes, offices, and writing rooms of acclaimed authors, providing an inside eye on their working life and a level of intimacy often lacking in more formal settings. An obvious reference to the televised Actor's Studio seminar, "Writers House" interviews are likewise craft focused, but strive for an earthy spontaneity unencumbered by prepared queries and index card cues. Visits are conversational and plastic, largely molded by (and dependent on) audience questions. In addition to the conversation, most visits include short readings, writing prompts, show-and-tell sessions, and house/apt tours. Chances are you'll meet their pets (and look inside their refrigerators).

10:20 AM, Mon. Oct 30 - Lauren Buekes (Shining Girls, The Bridge)
2:00 PM, Tues. Oct 31 - Jonathan Maberry (V Wars)
2:00 PM, Mon Nov 6 - Johnny Compton (The Spite House) & Alex Grecian (Red Rabbit)
3:50 PM, Weds. Nov 8 - Stephen Graham Jones (Fear the Reaper, The Only Good Indians)
5:40 Thurs. Nov 16 - Trevor Henderson (Scarewaves, Sirenhead) & Nat Cassidy (The Nestlings)
Noon Fri. Nov 17 - Grady Hendrix (How to Sell a Haunted House) & Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child's Play)
2:00 PM, Fri. Nov 17 - Gus Moreno (This Thing Between Us) & Sam Rebelein (Edenville)
5:40 PM, Tues. Nov 21 - Rachel Harrison (Black Sheep) & John Langan (The Fisherman)
Noon, Dec 1 - Elizabeth Hand (A Haunting on the Hill)
2:00 PM, Dec 1 - Chuck Wendig (Black River Orchard)

In the last seven years, students have visited with almost 200 authors in dozens of different cities. Internationally, they've talked with Eoin Colfer in Dublin, Mariana Enriquez in Buenos Aires, Yewande Omotoso in Johannesburg, Garth Greenwell in Sofia, Karin Tidbeck in Stockholm, Kevin Barry in Sligo, and Daisy Johnson in Oxford. Stateside, they've talked with Maurice Ruffin in New Orleans, Karen Russell in Portland, Chigozie Obioma in Lincoln, Tommy Orange in Oakland, Susan Orlean in Los Angeles, Tom Perrotta in Belmont, Jeff VanderMeer in Tallahassee, and Eowyn Ivey in Palmer, Alaska (as well as more local, across-the-river luminaries like Jennifer Egan, Victor LaValle, Lev Grossman, and André Aciman).