Inside the Writers House presents Laura Van Den Berg
Friday, October 23, 2020, 01:10pm - 02:10pm

IWH w. Laura Van Den Berg I Hold a Wolf by the Ears

Join us on   Fri. Oct 23 at 1:10 PM for another installment of RU's  the  House, when  House instructor Alex Dawson talks with  author Laura Van Den Berg about her story collection, I Hold a Wolf by the Ears, which has been called "exquisite... unsettling and bizarre" (NPR), "disquieting... topsy-turvy tales by an ingenious author" (O, the Oprah Magazine), "mesmerizing... otherworldly... one of the most unforgettable collections of the year" (Esquire), "a seductive, eerie plunge... uncanny... unafraid" (Elle), "unnerving and nuanced" (TIME), "sharp... haunting... wickedly funny... as biting as they are dreamy... witty, painful, and thoroughly unsettling" (Kirkus, starred), "richly imaginative... hungry and wild" (Booklist, starred), "startling, precise... darkly imagined" (Library Journal, starred), "eye-popping" (Washington Post), and "creepy and electric... beautiful and urgent... weird and stirring... smart and kind... sneakily brilliant" (Los Angeles Times).

"These are stories about wandering and being invisible, about stepping in a cold shadow. Laura van den Berg puts into words how scary it is when you feel you’re disappearing, when a disaster, personal or historical, makes ghosts of us, forever trapped in the trauma. They are also very beautiful, sometimes surreal and even funny stories, about loss and grief and sadness and the lives we try to leave behind. I think this collection will haunt me for a long time." ―Mariana Enriquez, author of Things We Lost in the Fire

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