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351:308 Creative Writing-Playwriting

Spring 2018

*Prerequisite: 351:211 or 351:212 or permission of instructor.

Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
01 Svich W/2,3 MU-001 06619 CAC
02 Nigrin F/2,3 SC-119 10206 CAC

Students study different playwriting genres throughout the course, and the course features thoughtful reading choices that reflect in-class discussions.Dynamic, visceral, exciting. This is what writing for the stage and live performance are all about. In this class, you will explore, character, setting, site-specific work, and the poetry of writing imaginatively and without fear for live presentation. Whether you're interested in theatre, dance, or music, this workshop is designed to creatively unleash your imagination and explore the unique challenges of thinking about and making live work.

02: Experimental Filmmaking - This filmmaking course gives students a hands-on filmmaking experience while learning the fundamental components of experimental film production. Studens will learn how to use camera, lighting, editing, special effects, and other techniques to create expiermental works. Likewise, students will also screen and analyze a variety of experimental films while working on their own projects.

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Warning: some films may contain nudity, sexual situations, violence, profanity, substance abuse, and disturbing images.


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