Documentary and Filmmaking Courses

Spring 2020

*Prerequisite:  351:211 or 351:212 or permission of instructor.

Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
02 Pearlstein Th/4,5 MU-038 14530 CAC
03 Warren Th/2,3 MU-302 17366 CAC 
04 Bryan M/5,6 MU-305 17367 CAC

Digital Storytelling teaches students how to use film as a storytelling platform. Through a series of exercises, students will learn how the camera and editing construct a unique cinematic language. Students work hands-on with editing software and digital cameras provided by the Writers House program. The course begins by deconstructing the methods of storytelling through digital filmmaking, and practicing techniques through in-class and take-home exercises. Over the course of the semester, students will learn how to write and craft a script; then, instructors explore shooting a script, using the camera, editing shots, and directing the final production. By the end of the semester, students gain two technical abilities: writing fiction for film, and directing cinematic fiction works. The course focuses on the Director’s role as storyteller, and the ways film can uniquely convey ideas through cinematic language.