Creative Writing Courses

Spring 2019

Introduction to Creative Writing (351:211 in Fall semesters; 351:212 in Spring semesters) is the foundational and prerequisite course to all other Creative Writing courses. This course is also the first course required toward the Creative Writing Certificate

This course satisfies an SAS Core Requirement
Area of Inquiry: Arts and Humanities; Critical and Creative Expression [AHr]

Practice in creative writing in various forms (fiction, poetry, drama, essay); critical analysis of students’ manuscripts in class and/or individual conferences. Reading other student work, as well as the work of established writers. Students will practice the careful and close reading of one another's creative work. 

Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
1 Zighelboim M,Th/2 MU-003 07486 CAC
2 Glencross M,W/4 MU-210 05260 CAC
3 Guez M,W/4 MU-001 07337 CAC
4 Guez M,W/5 SC-203 12894 CAC
5 Cotsonas W/3,F/4 MU-003 06135 CAC
6 Cotsonas W/2,F/5 MU-003 05561 CAC
7 Dimitrov M/2,3 MU-001 06321 CAC
9 Suskewicz M,W/8 MU-002 05356 CAC
10 Shea M,W/6 SC-207 05034 LIV
13 Purkert T,Th/8 MU-001 11612 CAC
14 Murray M,W/6 MU-002 02970 CAC
15 Hughes M,W/5 LSH-B205 05259 LIV
16 Svich M/2,3 MU-002 12895 CAC
17 Franco Sat 1:00-3:55 SC102 09452 CAC
18 Franco T,Th/8 MU-002 06136 CAC
19 Hughes T,F/2 MU-003 04395 CAC
20 TBD M,H/3 AB-2250 TBD  CAC 
22 McKeon T,F/2 MU-002 12899 CAC
23 Lawless M,W/4 MU-003 12898 CAC
 24 Lawless M,W/5 MU-003 04614 CAC
 25 November T,F/3 MU-001 12900 CAC
 26 LaBrie T,Th/6 MU-003 12901 CAC
27 Rehill M,W/7 MU-003 05361 CAC
28 Miller T,Th/5 MU-001 10398 CAC
 29 Miller T,Th/6 MU-001 10476 CAC
30 Dalva T,Th/6 MU-002 10567 CAC
32 Gunn T,Th/1 KLG-008 TBD Douglass 
34 Hughes T,F/3 SC-207  21124 CAC
35 Hughes T,H/5 MU-003  21292 CAC
36 Richardson T,H/7 MU-003 21293  CAC

Honors College students and SAS Honors students enroll in Section H1 or H2

H1  Blaney T, Th/4 MU-002 12902 CAC
H2 Fuhrman M,W/5 MU-305   CAC