Spring 2024

4Introduction to Creative Writing (351:211 in fall semesters; 351:212 in spring semesters) is the foundational and prerequisite course to all other creative writing courses. 

This course satisfies an SAS Core Requirement
Area of Inquiry: Arts and Humanities; Critical and Creative Expression [AHr]

Practice in creative writing in various forms (fiction, poetry, drama, essay); critical analysis of students’ manuscripts in class and/or individual conferences. Reading other student work, as well as the work of established writers. Students will practice the careful and close reading of one another's creative work. 



Section Instructor Day/Period(s)*


01 Suskewicz M, W/4 AB-1100 CAC
02 Pierce T, F/3 SC-102 CAC
04 Hobayan M, Th/3 MU-038 CAC
07 Cotsonas W, F/3,4 MU-003 CAC
10 Rehill M,W/4 MU-038 CAC
13  Franco T,Th/7 MU-001 CAC
 14 Dalva T,Th/4 MU-001 N/A
 15 Madden M, Th/2 MU-001 CAC
16 Suskiewicz M,W/6 MU-001 CAC
17 Haber M,W/6 MU-002 CAC
18 Franco T,Th/6 MU-001 CAC
22 November T,Th/4 MU-003 CAC
23 Lawless M,W/4 MU-003 CAC
24  Lawless M.W/5 MU-003 CAC
25 Pierce M, Th/2 MU-003 CAC
26 Suskewicz M, W/5 MU-001 CAC
27 Rehill M,W/5 MU-038 CAC
29 Powell M, Th/3 MU-003 CAC
30 Powell M,Th/2 SC-120 CAC
34 Hughes T,Th/5 MU-002 CAC
35 Murray T, Th/6 MU-003 CAC
36 Reynolds M, W/4 RAB-209A DOUG
37 Reynolds M, W/5 RAB-209A DOUG
90 Pelsue Asynchronous N/A  N/A
91 Svich Asynchronous N/A N/A
92 LaBrie Asynchronous N/A N/A 

Honors College students and SAS Honors students enroll in Section H1 or H2

H1  Blaney T, Th/4 MU-002 CAC
H2 Fuhrman M,Th/2 MU-002 CAC 

*Period numbers/times for all campuses :

1   8:30 AM to 9:50 AM

2  10:20 AM to 11:40 AM

3  12:10 PM to 1:30 PM

4  2 PM to 3:20 PM

5  3:50 PM to 5:10 PM

6  5:40 PM to 7 PM

7  7:30 PM to 8:50 PM

8  9:20 PM to 10:40 PM