2015 Winter Creativity Showcase

Mike Biyad
Jennifer Gololobov
James M. Jackson

John Muldoon

Aman Arora
Kaitlyn Raido
Emily Kadosh
Caitlin Mattera

2014-2015 Contest & Awards

Academy of American Poets
Winner: Caitlyn Gilvary 
Honorable Mentions: Michelle Moncayo and Grace Li

Prize for a Poet of Exceptional Promise
Winner: Grace Li

Mitchell Adelman Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing
Winner for Fiction: Bridget L. Noel
Winner for Poetry: Brian K. Lee

Irving D. Blum Prize
Winner: Rachel Narozniak 

Julia Carley Prize in Poetry
Co-Winner: Olivia DeLauro
Co-Winner: Danielle Adamowitz

Jamima Dingus Qualls Prize
Winner: Caitlyn Gilvary

Ernest W. Thomas Memorial Prize for Interpretation of Shakespearean Works
Co-Winner: Rebecca Makulowich
Co-Winner: Michelle Pasko

Evelyn Hamilton Award
Fiction Winner: Caitlyn Gilvary

Poetry Winner: Caitlyn Gilvary

Essay Winner: Jasmeet Bawa 

Edna N. Herzberg Prizes
Poetry Co-Winner: Caitlyn Gilvary
Poetry Co-Winner: Lauren Jacquish
Poetry Honorable Mention: Christina Colon
Poetry Honorable Mention: Jaweerya Mohammad 

Fiction Winner: Sophia Albanaa
Fiction Honorable Mention: Danielle Adamowitz
Fiction Honorable Mention: Caitlyn Gilvary

Essay Winner: Rachel Narozniak
Essay Honorable Mention: Jasmeet Bawa

James Suydam Prize in English Composition
No Prize Awarded

English Faculty Prize
No Prize Awarded

New Media Award
Co-Winner: Michael Karavanja
Co-Winner: Olivia DeLauro

Jordan Lee Flyer Honors Award

Creative Writing

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