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NJ Film Festival dives right in

RU27 in Spanish waters
Rutgers-made 'Atlantic Crossing' helps kick off fest

There's great work being done on both sides of the camera at Rutgers University, film fans will discover this weekend.

Reel Science: A documentary about a robot crossing the Atlantic will help open the NJ Film Fest

RU27 in Spanish waters
DENA Seidel is a documentary filmmaker who wants to do more than educate viewers about science. She wants to tell a compelling story and show scientists as people, not as a bunch of lab coat-wearing geniuses.

Atlantic Crossing Featured on the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Blog

Today we continue our guest blog series with the Zimmerli Art Museum focusing on their current Water exhibit. We hope you enjoy hearing the story of Scarlet, an amazing robot performing valuable research and how it helped bring together the Oceanography and English departments at Rutgers University for an extended partnership. READ BLOG

''Atlantic Crossing'' documentary film to be screened at La Femme Film Festival, in Hollywood, CA

Atlantic Crossing FilmScreening Details: October 17, 2-5PM,

Rennberg Theatre
1125 N. McCadden Place
Hollywood CA 90038

October 12, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- Visionary oceanographer Scott Glenn leads a team of world-renowned ocean scientists as they race against time to launch the first transatlantic autonomous underwater robot.

Destined for Spain, the 8-foot bright yellow robot named RU27, or "Scarlet," is launched off the coast of New Jersey into the immense Atlantic Ocean. Throughout her journey, data collected by Scarlet is fed into oceanographic navigation and forecasting models.

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