Documentary and Digital Storytelling Courses

351:309 Digital Storytelling

01  T 5,6  CAC  13334  MCNAIR    MU-038
03  TH 2,3  CAC  14140  MCNAIR   MU-038

This course provides students with the opportunity to put basic film theory, language, grammar and dramatic structure for the screen into action to produce original 4-8 minute digital stories.  The first part of the semester focuses on narrative structure for the screen as well as film grammar and language used to create film narratives. Specific attention is paid to how frame, lighting, composition, placement of dialogue and sound along with editing choices affect and drive digital narratives. We will be editing our digital stories with Adobe Premiere editing software. Students not familiar with the software should consider registering for one of the Video Editing Labs that are offered to all students through the Mason Gross School of the Arts.

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