Contest & Awards

2009-2010 Contest & Awards

Academy of American Poets
Winner: Judah Levenson – Untitled Poem
Honorable Mentions: Davaid Hur and Amy Meng

Mitchell Adelman Memorial Scholarship for Creative Writing
Winner for Fiction: Tia Clark
Winner for Poetry: Justine Bienkowski

Toni Cade Bambara Prize
Winner: Carin Dow

Irving D. Blum Prize
Winner: Jolie Gralick

Julia Carley Prize in Poetry
Winner: Zeynep Uzumcu for Helen
Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Palamara for 'Vases' and Amy Meng for 'The Strangler Fig'

Jamima Dingus Qualls Prize
Winner: Megan Blazak for "Sex-parasitism, Exchange and the New Woman"
Honorable Mentions: Sweta Patel for "The Domain of the Mind: Inward and Outward Projections of Social Demeanor in Adam Bede and Mansfield Park'" and Heather Katzoff for "Calling for an End to the Passive Feminine: H.D.'s Invocation

Ernest W. Thomas Memorial Prize for Interpretation of Shakespearean Works
Winner: Ysabel Y. Gonzalez

Evelyn Hamilton Award
Fiction Winner: Dierdre S. Hopton, "Aslan's Apprentice"
Honorable Mentions: Anna Sandberg and Daina Lyn Galante

Poetry Winner: Justine Bienkowski, collected poems
Honorable Mentions: Krista Bono, Chanel Fernandez, Amy Meng, Elizabeth Palamara, Mayank Patel

Essay Winner: Sean Cooper for "Listening to Animal Collective @ the Guggenheim NYC"

Edna N. Herzberg Prizes
Poetry Winner: Amy Meng
Fiction Winner: Deirdre S. Hopton
Essay Winner: Michele Vicens for "Helga Crane's Unsatisfying Quest for Happiness"

James Suydam Prize in English Composition
Winner: Sean Cooper for "Listening to Animal Collective"

English Faculty Prize
Winner: Shawn Welch

New Media Award
3 Winners: Daniel Pillis, Scott Lazes, Peter Macaluso

Jordan Lee Flyer Honors Award
Winner: Melissa Alday

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