351:303 Screenwriting

01  M 7,8  CAC  16657  ARONSOHN      MU-002
02  TH 2,3  CAC  16658   PEARLSTEIN  MU-002
03  W 7,8  CAC  16663                        MU-002
04   T 4,5  CAC  16659    HOLNES        MU-305

This course is intended to introduce students to the basics of screenwriting, including: dramatic action, story, structure and character

01-This course will explore both fiction and non-fiction cinematic storytelling. Students will practice the basics of the craft of screenwriting by exploring character, action, conflict, story construction, and the importance of showing instead of telling. Students will be guided through the process of discovering real-life subjects and characters. Through class discussions, writing assignments, and film screenings students will acquire the skills to conceptualize and script their own characters and stories. By the completion of the course, students will have written a step outline and first ten pages of a feature length script.

03, 04 - This class is focused on process and mastering the fundamentals.  By the end of the course, each of you will have a first act of your screenplay.  You will have a strong grasp of structure, character and conflict.  The readings are designed to help you understand the fundamentals of dramatic writing.  We will watch and analyze films, as well as read film scripts.  You will workshop your screenplay and learn to think like a writer.

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